Our mission is to act on the impending ecological crisis caused by

the billion tons of plastic that

never reach a recycled state. 

79% of our plastic 

       ends up in landfills

In 400 years only 12%

       of our plastic has been incinerated 

We recycle only 9% 

     of the 8.3 billion metric

     tons of plastic we consume 

We collect plastic and

aluminum from our community's

stores and neighbors 

We transform it into beautiful art, jewelry, and apparel 

We donate, recycle more and advocate for our environment 


META is born as an extension of Metamorphosis -

the original name of our up-cycled jewelry collection.

Metamorphosis represents ever-changing progression and development. The process of transformation from one

initial stage to a completely different one. A natural cycle through which all things should partake in.


META’s materials, although shunned from this essential transformation, have now a beginning and a new destination. Plastic bottles, bags, cups, and aluminum tins are being transformed into art, beauty, and jewelry - bypassing their inevitable prospect of accumulating in landfills.

META wants to bridge our original collection with a new one, maintaining the meaning of a metamorphosis but also the one of a “meta,” which in Italian means destination. That is the core of our campaign: the destination. Where do all these commodity items end up? What can we do to better recycle? What is the true value of these materials?



Our partners generously help us in our mission by donating part of their weekly plastic consumption. All of our partners have been active influencers and participants in the reduction of waste and the proper disposal of items we use daily. We are honored to work with them to fight for a cleaner future. 


Each piece we create through the META project removes at least one plastic bottle from the vicious cycle that ends with a landfill. We are also working on more handbags and clothing accessories - these pieces remove five to ten plastic bags from polluting our environment. Acting as a pseudo non-profit branch of Letzi, all profits from Project META are reinvested into up-cycling and recycling efforts. We are starting with conscious DC neighbors and local retailers, but our aspiration is to involve many more partners and firms in this movement and contribute to their overall environmental efforts. 



If you would like to help our cause and partner with us: jasmin.picariello@gmail.com

For wholesale inquiries - jasmin@feltrofashion.com 

For comments or questions - feltrofashion@hotmail.com

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