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The Adriana pillow is open for pre-order.


Adriana is a pillow created with the technique of Shibori felting. The beige and blue base fabric is cotton, which is combined with merinos wool on the interior side of the pillow, through the technique of Nuno felting. Nuno felting bonds merinos wool with natural fibers only using hot water, Marsiglia soap and intensive massaging. The merinos wool of choice for Adriana are light blue, dark blue and yellow. The newly created fabric is then grouped in a flower-like composition in the middle of the pillow and the spheres are cut in a way that the merinos wool previously applied can be seen through the cotton fabric. Yellow and blue beads are added as ornaments around the flower.


Adriana is perfect for the interiors to brighten the room and provide an accent piece in the home design. It can also be used for an outside patio, along with pillows of a  complementary design and color palette.


You can order this pillow in different colors or patterns. Contact us with specific requests. 


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Adriana Pillow

  • Remove pillow case. Hand dry with woolite or similar delicate detergent. Squeeze excess water and air dry. Do not ring.

  • Cotton, wool

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