Double wing boa created with the technique of nuno felting in Brindisi, Italy. This piece is made entirely with red merino wool, with accents of coral. Scarves are made in small batches and can take up to three days of labor, depending on the scarf's complexity and size. Hand wash in cold water and air dry.


Felting is an intensive and ancient technique that combines many layers of small strands of wool into one compacted fabric, only with the use of hot water and soap. Felt is created in fact when wool is subjected to heat, moisture, and pressure. Hot water and soap activate the felting process by allowing the individual fiber threads to chemically bond. By applying intensive labor the process becomes irreversible. When applied the shibori technique as well, the piece has a tridimensional effect, bringing more movement and complexity.


The shape of the felted boa is created strand by strand, making sure that the layers are molded in a way to create permanent waves. It can we worn open or wrapped around the neck.


  • Hand wash with woolite or similar delicate detergent. Squeeze excess water and air dry. Do not ring.


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