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Feltro Fashion with Act Two Home Staging

Leona met Giulia Picariello at the What Women Want Show at Casa Larga a little over a year ago.

They became fast friends with their common Italian heritage. Leona and Giulia have teamed up to create one of a kind pillows that incorporate Giulia’s wet felting process with custom designs to coordinate with the décor in the homes of Leona’s clients.

A little bit about Feltro Fashion:

The idea for Feltro Fashion was born in a high school classroom in 2011 where [then] international study-abroad student Jasmin Picariello created the concept while participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. The idea of creating one-of-a-kind felted scarves and accessories (using the techniques of wet-felting and related media) began in earnest, while creating truly unique fashions suited for every individual taste. The start of this new business evolved the following year when Jasmin returned to America with her parents to finish high school and also expand the Feltro Fashion line. The focus of Feltro Fashion in 2013 and beyond is to continue making a presence at craft shows in the Rochester area and abroad, while pushing the boundaries of Wet Felting, Felting and Shibori techniques, in addition to expanding the Feltro fashion business online.

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