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Six years ago, when we decided to bring our brand to the States, we committed to a very simple cause: shop local.

Although we are aware of the positive impacts that globalization can bring to communities locally and abroad*, we also know (and can ensure) the great shopping experience and customer care that only a small business can provide.

Our passion (felting aside) is the one-on-one relationship we establish with you and the people we interact with on a daily basis. We enjoy being able to help right away and being honest in all the transactions that take place. After all, we don't have a boss to report to or a quota to meet, which means all we want to offer you is transparency and satisfaction!

And have you ever been to our Pittsford Show Room? Well. Be ready to be pampered with Italian wine or cappuccino, trying on every single garment of your liking and walking out confident you chose the right piece for you (if any at all!). Those who have shopped with us before know that we will not let you walk away with something that doesn't look good on you. (It may hurt at first, but you will thank us in the long run, I promise!). We are your personal shoppers for the afternoon and will create the perfect look or gift that you are looking for.

We can guarantee all of this because our business model is as simple as our cause: create beautiful art, teach everything we know about felting, and share our work with all of you.

Shopping small is not only a life style, but mainly a movement to support the artists and entrepreneurs in our city. Like many life style bloggers attest themselves, shopping small makes you part of your community and an active contributor to Rochester's success and growth. For an example, personal stylist and entrepreneur mentor Jenny Sanzo mentions the excitement of finding new local boutiques and styles, available nowhere else but in your city. She invites you to put your money where your heart is and to share the knowledge with her #flowercityfashionista and #ShopLocalRoc.

Shall we follow the same trend? :D Since we're at it, use #FeltroFashion every time you wear one of our pieces!

So, what does it mean to shop local with Feltro Fashion? A memorable experience, a new friendship and a garment that you will cherish for a life time.


*positive impacts mainly seen at a macroeconomics level. My international business background is compulsive, my apologies.

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