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Inside the Team of Feltro Fashion Italy

And before you know it, we are already at year #6! Six has always been a very lucky number for us and celebrating now instead of waiting for the ten year mark may be a sign/wish well for a new chapter of the Feltro Fashion journey. We also wanted to use this opportunity to stop for a second and reflect on what we’ve done so far and acknowledge all of the brave travelers that made this journey with us.

A special thank you is to everyone who helped us grow and establish our business in our first years - you were our motivation and support to keep us moving forward. You allowed us to transform a passion into a business, that although strives to remain niche oriented, it will nonetheless keep giving us great satisfactions.

Business success aside, the greatest enjoyment of all was the bond that Feltro Fashion created in our family. Our already close relationship transformed into affinity and complicity towards one common goal. Our diversity of skills, Gary as PR, Giulia as the artist and Jasmin for business and marketing development, made us learn from each other and focus on the one goal to deliver a better product, excellent customer service and expand the Made in Italy brand.

For this reason Feltro Fashion will always be a small family-owned business, focusing on the creation of a niche product, for a niche market. Our objective remains to improve the quality of our pieces, refine our techniques, and always be there for our clients.

Our passion started in Italy, where Giulia Lezzi learned the art of wet felting and started creating accessories and home decor with very odd color combinations, which became her signature throughout all of our collections. Her passion for art combined with Jasmin’s entrepreneurial spirit created a winning combination to make a simple idea work. The idea that distance shouldn’t stop you from living the lifestyle you want to live and that Italy’s charm and way of life can be part of us in the United States as well. The idea that you should never compromise quality and uniqueness and the value of something handmade.

Our collections evolved every year. We started with scarves, but later on expanded with accessories of all kinds, such as hats, gloves, pins, and leg warmers. Local fashion shows allowed us to incorporate clothing collections with a more extravagant touch. We later experimented with new techniques, such as shibori felting and eco printing, as well as with the jewelry line Metamorphosis, created with the complete new concept of recycling of plastics.

What is our future direction? We want to keep expanding our product line with bridal and home decor. And for this month, we want to share with you as much as possible about our small team - our background, our lives, and our role in Feltro Fashion Italy. So stay tuned on our website and social media for a dive into the Picariello family.

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