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Metamorphosis Collection

Metamorphosis is a jewelry collection we started experimenting with only recently. Metamorphosis pieces are made with recycled plastics that are given a second life by transforming them into high fashion jewelry pieces. Plastic, being a material at our everyday disposal, is many times overlooked and thrown away. But what is we could give plastic some glam and morph it into something more than just "plastic"?

The idea came about both for practical reasons and as part of our ongoing business mission. My mom - Giulia, the Italian lady I always talk about - hates jewelry in the summer. She wears is for ten minutes and then complains of how heavy it is, how claustrophobic she feels; it makes her hot, it makes her sweat, it makes her uncomfortable. You get the point. But with so many short sleeves shirts and low cut dresses, how can you not have jewelry on? Great question, mom. You see the dilemma here? So here we came with the idea to use plastic: something so light and so clear that you'd barely know you are wearing it. The name Metamorphosis was also not a coincidence, as you may have already noticed. Start from anonymous pieces of plastic, shape them into petals, paint them with glass paint and mount them to make a one-of-a-kind piece you will be able to preserve forever.

As part of our collection we create necklaces, earrings, bracelets and magnetic pins. The magnetic pins are ideal for adding a light touch of color to your outfit, as well as being practical and not damaging your garments with a needle. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings add movement to your outfit and because of their material they will reflect light, allowing you to glow all day and all night.

We hope you like our new collection Metamorphosis! Please share your comments below as well as on Instagram, Facebok and email. Let us know your experience with this new Feltro Fashion Collection!

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