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Wearing a Cause is Fashionable

In one of our previous posts, we introduced our collection Metamorphosis.

We told you how practical the material we use for this collection is and how we first thought of the idea of light yet durable jewelry. But today we want to talk more about the material itself; why we will keep creating our Metamorphosis collections; and why we are raising awareness on the usage of recycled plastic.

Plastic is indeed a very durable and light material. Through plastic, we are able to shape and paint by hand singular petals of plastic, which we then mount to create a necklace, a bracelet, a pin or a pair of earrings. The jewelry’s material attracts natural light, accentuating the piece and completing the outfit with style.

Being a durable and light material, plastic is extremely useful in our daily lives. At the same time, plastic is also one of the most damaging materials to dispose of. Simple plastic water bottles for instance can take over 450 years to deteriorate. But plastic bottles are only part of the 33.5 million tons of plastic discarded annually in the United States. Less than 15 percent is actually recycled, leaving the rest to pollute the soil and altering the ecosystem’s balance. Over the years, recycling has been the centre of a national debate on whether it is more efficient to create a product from scratch or to recycle used products.

One may think, “How is a piece of jewelry going to change the tons and tons of plastic waste every year?” Change doesn’t happen overnight, nor will Metamorphosis lower the disposal of plastic overnight either. What a piece of jewelry will do, however, is represent an omen, a promise, a commitment, and a reminder of the consequences of our actions and the impact of our decisions. I will wear a piece of jewelry reminding others of that commitment and reminding myself that as a citizen and an artist, I can take plastic and repurpose it, and you can as well.

Wear a metamorphosis piece as a reminder of your commitment and your awareness. Admire your metamorphosis piece, with the consciousness that you are willing to give plastic, and any other recyclable material, a second chance, whether it’s through traditional recycling, re-usage, or art.

Help us continue to raise awareness and make change possible.

Wearing a cause is fashionable.

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