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Generation Plastic

META is born as an extension of Metamorphosis - the original name of our up-cycled jewelry collection. Metamorphosis represents ever changing progression and development and the process of transformation from one initial stage to a completely different one. A natural cycle in which all things should partake. META’s materials, once disposed of after its first transformation, now have a new beginning and a new destination. Plastic bottles, bags, cups, and aluminum tins are being transformed into art, beauty, and jewelry - bypassing their once inevitable prospect of accumulating in landfills.

META wants to bridge our original collection with a new one, maintaining the meaning of a metamorphosis but also the one of a “meta,” which in Italian means destination. That is the core of our campaign: the destination. Where do all these commodity items end up? What can we do to better recycle? What is the true value of these materials?

Our mission is to act on the impending ecological crisis caused by the billion tons of plastic that never reach a recycled state. We are creating beauty, changing perspective, raising awareness, and initiating change in our community. Where our daily efforts end, we want to try to close that gap by providing a new destination for these products. We want to keep the cycle moving.

We are partnering with Vigilante Coffee Company to up-cycle items they throw away everyday. We have selected items that are not likely to be recycled and instead provide them a new cycle, a new destination, a new META. You can find them online and at boutiques across the country. Through their support and partnership, we are helping close the circle and ensure that an increasingly large portion of our waste does not end up in landfills.

Support our cause and use META products to remind yourself of the impact a single plastic bottle can make.

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