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"There is only one of you and there is only one of your scarf." - Giulia Lezzi 


Travel with us to Italy and discover the hidden treasures of our country, the history of our people, and our day to day life-style

Our pieces are careful crafted by our family in our workshops in Italy and Washington DC,

lead by the designer Giulia Lezzi. 



Nuno felting, Shibori felting and Ecoprint are labor intensive techniques used to create our pieces, lasting up to three days for the completion of one piece.


Each piece is one-of-a-kind and limited to one. You are the only one in the world to own your piece of wearable art.

Our Story 

We are Giulia & Jasmin, the mother-daughter team dedicated to bring you the best Italian handmade experience yet. We are passionate about our Italian roots and want to share with you the best that our country has to offer. One piece at the time, we want to revolutionize the way craftsmanship is viewed, making high quality and exclusivity more accessible and easily found. 

We believe in creating very unique pieces, with few or none duplicates, intended to complement your style and personality and bring you a pinch of Italian moda. 


We are accessorizing men and women who seek something never seen before, hard to find again, and perfectly complementary to their global lifestyle and interests. 

When supporting handmade products, you are supporting way beyond a small local business. You are supporting artisans who have dedicated their life to a trade and are now continuing their work thanks to the purchase of just one piece. We are proud to be able to provide opportunities in both of our countries and support both economies.


For us, handmade is synonym of high-quality, natural, ethical and intimate. For each of piece we guarantee the best quality natural materials, the most ethical business practices, honest customer service, and a piece able to carry on many stories, from its creation all the way to your life experiences. 

Letzi Blog


April 8, 2019

META is born as an extension of Metamorphosis - the original name of our up-cycled jewelry collection. Metamorphosis represents ever changing progression and development and the process of transformation from one initial stage to a completely different one. A natural cycle in which all things should partake. META’s materials, once disposed of after its first transformation, now have a new beginning and a new destination. Plast...

August 22, 2018

New brand name!

The past several months have been full of changes, the most significant being our big move from Rochester, NY to Washington, DC. 

But you know, once you start making changes you might as well go full throttle, so Feltro Fashion Italy is changing its name to Giulia Letzi!

It was one of our goals to name the business after Giulia, who spends countless hours meticulously working on each piece and has made this craft...

September 14, 2017

In one of our previous posts, we introduced our collection Metamorphosis. 

We told you how practical the material we use for this collection is and how we first thought of the idea of light yet durable jewelry. But today we want to talk more about the material itself; why we will keep creating our Metamorphosis collections; and why we are raising awareness on the usage of recycled plastic. 

Plastic is indeed a very durable and l...

August 13, 2017

Since finally reunited with the family back in Italy, I had the luxury of reminiscing the beginning of your journey and remembering how my mom started learning about felting. She shared her story with disbelief that I didn’t remember every single detail of that famous day, but also with a lot of enthusiasm of reliving her feelings of those days, more than seven years ago.

I wanted to share her story with you, with the hope to i...

June 21, 2017

Metamorphosis is a jewelry collection we started experimenting with only recently. Metamorphosis pieces are made with recycled plastics that are given a second life by transforming them into high fashion jewelry pieces. Plastic, being a material at our everyday disposal, is many times overlooked and thrown away. But what is we could give plastic some glam and morph it into something more than just "plastic"?

The idea came about...

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