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Jasmin Picarello owner of Giulia Letzi in the Letzi showroom in Rochester, NY


Make an Appointment 

Book your free consultation with the designer to start

creating your custom made piece.

The benefits of custom orders

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You may think: "why even bother customizing my order when there are so many options online and in stores?"


That is true, there are many options out there...

but they are available to anyone

who sees them and wants to buy them.

With all Giulia Letzi creations you are ensured that your piece is the one and only, no exception.

Therefore, since we create one piece at the time anyways , why not share with us what you'd want?

Or what dress you'd like a matching shawl for?


We are here to make you feel beautiful in your piece and help you through the process, 

all complementary. 

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