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Feltro Fashion is Changing Name

New brand name!

The past several months have been full of changes, the most significant being our big move from Rochester, NY to Washington, DC.

But you know, once you start making changes you might as well go full throttle, so Feltro Fashion Italy is changing its name to Giulia Letzi!

It was one of our goals to name the business after Giulia, who spends countless hours meticulously working on each piece and has made this craft her career. The collections we create are a true representation of Giulia’s creativity and eclectic talent. After a lot of convincing, we all agreed that Giulia Letzi will be our brand and company name moving forward!

New branding!

Time for a makeover! With a change in name comes a change in looks as well. The Letzi brand will have a more clean line and a neutral color palette, with occasional bursts of color. We believe this represents our collections better and gives a fresh look for the upcoming collections.

Core Values

In terms of change this may seem like a lot, but the core beliefs of the company remain the same. The Letzi brand stands true to what Feltro Fashion represents… plus a little more: Our goal is still to offer handmade, one-of-a-kind fashions and outstanding service that has been our hallmark for the past seven years. We are dedicated to creating high quality pieces that capture the spirit and beauty of Italy, while staying true to the most sophisticated Italian style that has set us apart since our inception.

Each piece is one, and one only. Once a Letzi piece is yours, you can be certain nobody in the world will have the same piece.

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